Women love having their eyes surrounded with thousands of eyelashes. Although, in reality, we have no more than 500 hairs on upper and lower eyelash altogether, we can take care of their growth and volume boost in order to make them look as if our eyelids housed definitely more of lashes. How to accomplish this task?

There are many ways to increase volume of eyelashes. Basically, we can divide them into the ones that can be carried out at home and the ones to be undergone at a beauty parlour’s. Obviously, not all of them produce the same effects.

Increasing eyelash volume at home

Appearance of eyelashes mostly depends on their state of health. The better the condition of eyelash bulbs is, the ticker, longer and stronger are the lashes growing form them. It’s also worth realising that eyelash growth depends on the amount of nourishing substances that are delivered (vitamins and minerals). Home methods of increasing eyelash volume focuse on maximal eyelash nourishment and stimulating their natural growth process. If your eyelashes are longer and if new lashes start growing from new places along the eyelash root line, the ones that used to be empty, this means that our eyes are winning more enhanced frame.

What are home methods of making lashes thicker?

  1. Eyelash Oiling – you can use castor oil or olive oil.
  2. Eyelash Serums – the best ones don’t only reinforce but also stimulate eyelash growth.
  3. Delicate Massage – it stimulates microcirculation of blood in eye skin area.

Making eyelashes thicker at a beautician’s

Sometimes we need to get the immediate effects. In this situation, we can take advantage of the procedures available at a beauty parlour’s. You can boost the eyelash volume in two ways – through getting false strips or clusters of false eyelashes attached, or through lash lifting procedure. When it comes to this second method, it depends on curling and darkening lashes in order to gift them with expressiveness and make them look thicker. Both procedures can weaken lashes if carried out too frequently. Also, they aren’t appropriate for people having sensitive skin which is prone to irritations.

What are popular procedures for eyelash volume boost?

  1. Eyelash Extensions – attaching false lashes by applying 1:1 Method or other volume methods, e.g. 2D.
  2. Eyelash Henna – enhances number of lashes by darkening of their natural colour.
  3. Eyelash Lifting – combination of eyelash perm and dyeing.

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