Each of us can have fairy-tale lashes – long, full and perfectly curled. You just need a magic spell – treat your eyelashes to some extra enhancement.

Getting the right lash shape is the most difficult while coating with a mascara. It’s even harder when the eyelashes are naturally straight or grow slightly down. A regular mascara may fail in case of such lashes. Professional products and cosmetic accessories come to rescue when we’re in need. A beauty salon treatment sometimes works but home methods are usually enough.

How to permanently curl the lashes? There are four popular methods. Each one has pros and cons. The choice is ours.

Curling Mascara

Sometimes a good mascara is enough to make everything easier. A product is going to effectively curl the most resistant lashes if it has a good formula and contains ingredients that deliver elasticity and fix the shape. Enriched with a complex of nutrients, a mascara strengthens lashes from within, too. Healthy lashes always ‘move up’ so you should go for multitasking mascaras with conditioning properties. A professional mascara gives the desired shape in a few seconds.

A curler comes along

When a mascara fails, use a curler before the coating. This tool has been known for ages and used for giving the lashes a curl and defining the eyes. Remember to use the curler before applying a mascara to reduce the risk of lash breakage. It doesn’t matter if it’s a traditional or electric curler – used too often, it damages the lashes.

Eyelash… perm

Lash permanent wave is among the most interesting solutions. It involves using a special roll and a proper solution. The spongy roll must go with the length of lashes and the eye shape. It’s pressed under the upper lashes. After applying the solution, it takes several minutes to fix the curl. There’s one thing you must remember – the treatment is based on chemical products.

Lash-enhancing serum

If you look for alternatives to regular beauty salon treatments, use a professional lash growth serum. Such a simple product conceals the power of strengthening, nourishing and beautifying ingredients. A good lash serum repairs, hinders falling out and stimulates growth. Darkening and defining the natural curl are among the effects, too. Naturalness and matching the lash needs are the biggest assets of the solution. We both beautify and nourish the lashes from within.

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