If you are bored with your hair colour, than simply change it! There are plenty of ways to do it. Despite dyeing, you can light the streaks of hair up a little bit. How? For example, by using home methods, undergoing treatments at a hairdresser’s and applying particular cosmetics responsible for changing hair colour into the fair one.

Before we move to hair highlighting cosmetics by John Frieda Sheer Blonde, first, let us discuss a few home methods of changing hair colour. One of the most popular of these is the use of peroxide. Did you know that even professional hairdressers use cosmetics which base ingredient is peroxide? However, be careful because lighting hair up in such a way may lead to its considerable damage. To clarify, substances included in peroxide simply make hair dry. What is more, being exposed to long sunbaths may also change colour of the hair. Basically, everybody knows what is the influence that UV working has on our body. On one hand, it stimulates our organism to produce D vitamin which is crucial for maintaining our bones in a good condition. But on the other hand, sun rays may lead to serious damage of not only skin but also hair. Definitely, more safe method of lighting hair up is by rubbing into the streaks of hair regular tea or lemon juice.

If you are not sympathetic towards home methods of lighting hair up, you can try certain products which enable you to highlight your hair. For example, you can use John Frieda Sheer Blonde cosmetic collection. First component of the collection is a hair spray that contains lemon, chamomile and peroxide so the chemical compounds responsible for oxidizing oxygen. Under those circumstances, we can be sure that the cosmetic will work successfully. Moreover, John Frieda Sheer Blonde collection comprises also of two more cosmetics, that, accordingly to the producer’s claims, include neither ammonia nor peroxides. These products are a shampoo and a conditioner.

When it comes to John Frieda Sheer Blonde shampoo, its composition is created of lemon extract, chamomile and lactic acid. It is recommended for dyed hair as well as for hair with reflexes. Blond hair owners can also benefit from the shampoo. When we wash the hair with John Frieda Sheer Blonde shampoo, it is suggested to apply the conditioner afterwards. Despite hair lighting up, the cosmetic provides also moisturization and makes combing easier. The product has to be applied the same way most conditioners are put on. Basically, you have to distribute the conditioner on your palms and then put it on your wet hair starting from the hair base, moving downwards to reach its ends. Keep the conditioner on the hair for a while and rinse with lukewarm water.

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