Vitamin C is said to top all skin-enhancing ingredients. Included in moisturizer, serum or toner, it boosts the product’s prestige. We must warn you, though. Not all forms of vitamin C are equally efficient. Similarly, vitamin C serums aren’t equal. How to detect a noteworthy vitamin C serum and pick the right one for your skin?

Vitamin C for face care. Why it’s worth using?

Anti-wrinkle antioxidant

Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant i.e. an agent delaying skin aging. It fixes damage caused by free radicals, neutralizes their activity, protects the cells against UV radiation and all outside factors, as well as makes hyperpigmentation less visible. Vitamin C is ideal to treat sun-damaged skin. Used regularly, it smoothes fine lines and prevents the occurrence of wrinkles.

For oily and acne skin

Moreover, vitamin C has an amazing conditioning effect on oily and acne-prone skin. It fights off inflammation and bacteria, heals and prevents the occurrence of blemishes, helps slow down secretion of sebum (which leads to unhealthy shine and appearance of blackheads and comedones).

To reduce hyperpigmentation

Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen and thus indirectly keeps skin firm and lessens visibility of wrinkles. At the same time, it reduces hyperpigmentation so skin looks healthily and radiant. Vitamin C acts by neutralizing free radicals which cause damage to skin cells. Contrary to many other antioxidants, vitamin C is tolerated by skin (on condition that you use the right concentration for your skin type).

Vitamin C-infused serum

Serum rich in vitamin C is a must-have of all women grooming their skin. The product ensures professional skin care at all ages, it’s innovative and all-purpose. Serum is the optimal form of delivering the vitamin to skin. Thanks to the light formula and excellent absorption, it transports numerous active substances to deep skin layers.

Most brands selling skin care products already have this product on sale. Too bad not all vitamin C face serums have the same wonderful effect. It’s not just the concentration of the ingredient that matters. The form of the vitamin is crucial too.

Which vitamin C face serum makes the best pick?

We should be aware of one thing. The stability of vitamin C in a product is even more important than its concentration. L-ascorbic acid is the strongest form of vitamin C but it is unstable, oxidizes and breaks down easily. It has a good effect when you want to do away with post-sun spots and fine lines. However, when it is exposed to air and heat, it oxidizes and has poorer effectiveness. All in all, we should know that even a small percentage of stable vitamin C is more valuable than high concentration of unstable ascorbic acid.

Which form of vitamin C is the best in a face serum?

Looking for facial serum with effective, stable form of vitamin C? Check products’ INCI for Ethyl Ascorbic Acid (sometimes called E-AA). It is the best stable vitamin C which gives outstanding benefits for skin. Its lightweight formula easily penetrates into deepest skin layers. Cut out for skin care no matter how old you are.

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