Many women dream of having ideally straight hair. Unfortunately, getting hair straight due to high temperature might bring more harm to good. Therefore, thermostyling has to be limited to the minimum. It‘s worth thinking about some alternative solutions when we don’t want to resign from having a mane of straight hair that falls down on our shoulders.

There are at least a few well-tested methods of getting smooth, shiny and straight hair. You don’t have to use a flat iron heated up to almost two hundred degrees Centigrade, or torture yourself (and hair) by straightening it using a blow-dryer and a round brush. The hot air generated by a blow-dryer can be as much destructive for hair as a flat iron is. Excessive use of these two devices contributes to water loss. You can make your strands straight without exposing them to dehydration, especially when realizing that there are other ways to remove curls than thermostyling.

Straightening by washing

We can take care of smoothness of our hair already while washing it. Sometimes it’s enough to use the proper cosmetics. To clarify, a shampoo always has to be gentle. Best, if the product doesn’t contain any SLS or other aggressively working detergents. Such shampoos can irritate scalp, deteriorate condition of hair and, as a consequence, contribute to frizz. This, in turn, encourages flyaways. What’s more, neither tug nor rumple the strands while washing. Instead, apply delicate motions and wash down the shampoo gently.

Conditioner for a good start

Once your hair is washed, you can proceed with applying a conditioner (most preferably of hair straightening properties). You can as well use a leave-in conditioner. However, if you prefer a rinse-off product, remember to remove the excess of water by squeezing strands delicately. What’s important, rinse the conditioner with cool water since such temperature facilitates closing hair cuticles. All the techniques constitute a perfect finish of washing hair and a good start of hair straightening.

Slow hair drying

Don’t rush. Hot air from a blow-dryer is far from being beneficial. Give your hair time to dry slowly, on its own. Wrap it with a towel that absorbs water well. Basically, instead of the towel, you can use a 100% cotton t-shirt, too. It’s important that the fabrics you use for drying hair is good at absorbing water.

Brushing is the basis

It’s crucial to brush hair precisely. Try to conquer the tangles equally skilfully as you did it with removing water. Don’t brush your wet hair unless you have a special brush to do so, such as Tangle Teezer. It’s better to separate your wet hair by running your fingers down the strands, and brush them properly when hair is semi-dry. Apply only delicate motions with your hands. Repeat brushing often until your strands get completely dry and straight.

Oil for straight hair

You probably are well-acquainted with the idea of oil hair treatment. This method is an ideal way to get nourished and regenerated hair. In fact, oils are even able to accelerate hair growth. Other can make hair straight. Basically, it’s advisable to protect hair ends with an oil or other hair straightening cosmetic in order to prevent strands from absorbing water that is in the air. Additionally, due to oil application, hair turns to be silky smooth.

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