The women’s day is getting closer. Especially for the international holiday – a ranking of cosmetics that every woman finds useful. Top five beauty products for women. If you don’t know what to give to your beloved one, we can give you a hand. On the list, there are universal beauty products that every female has used at least once or uses regularly.

Top 5 Beauty Products for Women

1. Perfume

It is among the most common thus most coveted cosmetics. Every woman dreams of perfume. However, dear gents, remember that choosing the right fragrance isn’t at all easy; even if you pick it for someone you love dearly. To make sure that your other half really likes the gift, there are two solutions:

  • buy a fragrance that she knows and adores (at first, make sure she’s not tired of it),
  • take her shopping (yes, there will be no surprise but it’s still better than a fake smile on the face of your beloved one).
2. Lip Gloss

Every woman’s must-have. Women, who don’t like their lips, use lip gloss to make them look bigger. Others apply it to look and feel good. To choose the right color, you must take a closer look at your girlfriend; some men can’t even remember the color of their beloved one’s eyes. At a store, a shop assistant will help you choose the right shade of the lip gloss if you give some details about her type of beauty.

3. Body Lotion

Many women can’t do without a body lotion. The product keeps the body soft, moisturised and beautifully-smelling. Picking the best body balm isn’t simple either; you must know your girlfriend’s skin type and fragrance preferences. Luckily, the cosmetic industry offers safe solutions such as universal fragrances and products for all skin types.

4. Mascara

Mascara is another must-have of every girl. There is a huge choice of colours, ranging from traditional (black, brown) to bolder ones (blue, pink). Mascaras also have different functions – deliver lash curl, length, separation or volume.

5. Nail Polish

It can be clear or colourful. There are shimmering or matte nail enamels. If your beloved girl is a fan of nature and simplicity, gift her with a clear nail polish. On the other hand, colour nail enamel will be perfect for ladies who like a bolder look.

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